Admirals Club

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Established in 1995, the Admirals Club is comprised of special individuals who have given extraordinary private donations at the annual Yacht Rendezvous. Amidst the fun and camaraderie of the event, Admirals Club contributors have captured and magnified the spirit of generosity by pledging an annual donation of $50,000 - making an enormous difference in the lives of many thousand youths who are now living productive adult lives.

Lifetime Admirals

Rita & Rick* Case
Lawrence De George
Art & Marcy Falcone
Christy & Larry Hierholzer
Christine Lynn
Tom & Michelle Murphy
Billy & Sharon Nuckolls
John & Zuzana Rosatti
Felix Sabates
Terry & Carla Taylor
Linda & Doug Von Allmen
Kelly & Keith Koenig
Jennifer & Joaquin Muvdi

Current Admirals

Deborah & Gary Wendt
Mike Walsh
Lorena & Bill Perezo
Brian France


Raquel Case & Greg Travaline
Dr. Brett Bolton
Michelle & Gil Gandelman
Nicole & Jeff Fratarcangeli
Katie & Anthony Perera
Susan & Dr. Michael Adamse
Jill Coshland
Ryan & Francesca Case
Joe Dargavage
Anna & Daniel Falcone
Ashley & Josh Lorenz


Carl Allen
Jimmy John


* In Memoriam