BGCBC Members Treated to a night of Yoga by Nationally Acclaimed Teacher, Deborah Wendt

Over 65 Club Members from Lester H. White, Dr. Harold Reitman and Nan Knox Clubs enjoyed an evening of Yoga at the Lester H. White Club. They were instructed by Mrs. Deborah Wendt. She was assisted by Alexandra Ramirez and Emma Persinger who are both certified yoga instructors. Club Members learned the importance of proper stretching, relaxation and effective breathing.

Children responded with rave reviews after the Yoga session. Achlie from the Reitman Club said, “Yoga was so fun and exciting. The session relaxed me a lot and the instructor and her staff were amazing. I wouldn’t mind going to another class.”   Glenesha from Reitman agreed.  “I felt great during the Yoga session after a long day of school. It helped ease my mind. I really think it was awesome and we should have many other sessions.”

Amir from Lester H. White confessed that he was very nervous at first because of the amount of people that were attending, but he learned a lot from the yoga session.  “I felt very relaxed and refreshed and ready to participate in other activities. I think it is very important for teens our age to know different techniques for relaxing and calming themselves down.   It’s good to know how to relax because as teens we balance a very busy schedule with school and athletics.  It is nice to relax doing something different than a sport, cell phones or video games. I would participate in the activities again if they were offered.” 

Deborah Wendt has been teaching yoga and meditation for 20 years with over 4,000 hands-on teaching hours. Deborah is certified through the Chopra Center for Wellness in Carlsbad, California where she continues to study the mind-body connection with Deepak Chopra’s team of world renowned educators. She teaches yogis from around the world through her Stress Less Yoga South Florida Yoga Retreats in person and online.

Deborah’s focus now is on bringing Raja Yoga (the yoga of meditation) to at-risk youth, through movement, breathing and stillness. The techniques are powerful stress management tools accessible at all times. She is in the process of producing a series of videos that can be used throughout the Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County for yoga and meditation practice.