BGCBC Summer Art Exhibit - Inside Out!

Club members, art instructors, and guests of all ages stood in line eagerly waiting for the gallery doors to open and give them their first glimpse at our summer fine arts exhibition, Inside Out! For 10 weeks, our club members explored their love and admiration for nature and expressed their thoughts and ideas through their art. Their hard work led to the unveiling of the exhibition which was generously hosted at the Ali Cultural Arts Center in Pompano Beach.

The theme for this year’s exhibition was Nature and Landscapes. Instructors were tasked with inspiring members to express their impressions of nature through a variety of media. Canvases both big and small were infused with an array of colors, as diverse as their imaginations. Each Club contributed 5 pieces to the exhibition and, when hung together on the gallery walls, they created a breath-taking vista of texture, color and movement.

As our members walked through the exhibit, the room filled with the sounds of joy, wonderment and pride. Our Clubs’ art program not only provides our members with a safe place to express their imagination, but also a place to dream and to become.