Career Launch – A Day at Broward College

Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County partnered with Broward College’s Central Campus to host Career Launch, A Day at Broward College. During the event, 264 Club Members learned about the programs and majors offered at Broward College.

The event began with a welcome by Bryan Anderson, the District Director of Enrollment for Broward College, along with Brian Quail, President/CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County. The members were then separated into two different groups. The first group consisted of Club members grades 8 – 11 and learned about dual enrollment opportunities. The second group, consisting of rising seniors for the coming year, learned about the BC application process, as well as the scholarship/financial aid information.

All Club members then participated in interactive workshops about health sciences, visual/performing arts and computer science. During the health sciences workshop, Club members learned about life-like mannequins that help BC Nursing students learn critical medical procedures. The Computer Sciences workshop exposed Club members to robotics and engineering courses that the college offers. The Visual/Performing Arts major allowed Club members to express themselves creatively at the Bailey Hall Theatre.

Students learning about medical career
Boy and Girl learning about pediatric medicine