On Friday, May 10th, Club members were beaming with joy as they filled a beautiful custom canvas bag with a variety of goodies for the mother figure in their lives.  It was our 6th Annual Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County Pura Botanica Mother’s Day Gift  event, that not only provides our Club members with the opportunity to give a gift to their mother figure with a heartfelt thank you, but it also supports our Art with a Heart program. Each year we hold an art and poetry contest tied to this event. The winning artwork was printed on a zippered canvas bag, a second piece of artwork was chosen for the front of a Mother’s Day card, and the inside of the card featured the winning poem. Each winner of the art and poetry contest received a Target gift card and recognition of their artistic achievement within their home Club.

A special thanks to Board Member Christy Hierholzer of Pura Botanica who founded this event and Aetna for their support and sponsorship of the 2019 Mother’s Day event.  We would also like to thank Audrey Cosmetics, Target Stores, Vacation Village Resorts and Private Label by Nancy all generously supported this year’s event and provided an incredible array of beauty products, candles and other personal care items that the children could choose for their mom’s personalized gift. We are forever thankful to these donors for providing the opportunity to our Club members to help celebrate Mother’s Day. 

Mother's Day Aetna pouch picture
Mother's Day Aetna group shot
Mother's Day mom and son.jpg
Mother's Day pictures red dress