Club Members & Alumni Host Leadership Conference for Teens

The Dr. Harold Reitman Club along with Mychaela O. current Club Member, (Reitman)/BGCBC YOY 2015-2016, and a College Freshman at FAMU, Ezekiel Shaw, Club Alumni (Lester H. White), College Sophomore at Broward College and Entrepreneur and Michael O. current Club Member (Reitman), College Freshman at Florida Gulf Coast University, and former 2015-2016 Boyd H. Anderson IB Student, conducted a 3-Day Leadership & College Conference for their peers. The Trio played host to 20-25 teen members from the Dr. Harold “HACKIE” Reitman & Nan Knox Linda & Douglas Von Allmen Campus Clubs March 8th, 2017 – March 10, 2017.  The Club members participated in group sessions, scavenger hunts, and a college slideshow.

The launch of the 3-Day Leadership & College Conference, which is an effort to help spur the growth of our rising TEEN leaders by connecting them with local business owners and current Advisory Council members as part of our Teens for Success Program. The Trio also served as Mentors to attendees and had the opportunity to kick off the initial steps in the wide-ranging Mentorship Program that will begin later this year. It is our hope that through the program, mentors and their mentees will meet a minimum of 30 minutes at least once per month either in person or via phone/video conference.

The Leadership & College Conference was 3 days filled with fun, information and networking. “It was amazing to see how the teen members naturally connected with us throughout the event. Their commitment to attend this program and its need in our Boys & Girls Club,” said Club Member and the Facilitator of the 3-Day event, Mychaela O. “I’m honored to have this opportunity to assist my fellow Club members and staff as I look forward to doing this again in the near future.” The Trio definitely had a blast putting the event together, which they offered to members during Spring Break, showing their dedication to their Clubs and the impact it has on their lives.