Family Summer Nights at BGCBC

BGCBC Family Night occurred at all twelve (12) Chartered Clubs.  This event was made possible from grants courtesy of, the Children’s Services Council (CSC) and the Florence De George Foundation.

Family Night is an example of the organization’s mission to address two of the Core Program Outcomes:

  1. Academic Success, as evidenced by administering summer academic enrichment programs to minimize summer learning loss;
  2. Healthy Lifestyles, which facilitated family bonding by sharing a meal.

Sharing a meal was not the only bonding activity that occurred during the Family Night.  Incorporating Art was a bonus enhancement for families.  The theme was created by the Art Director and the Art Instructors.

Rediscovered Families: Parenting from the Heart, internet article,, reported that there is growing evidence that enjoying playful and creative activities is really good for us. No matter what your age, finding some way to express yourself creatively has all kinds of benefits…the best ways to connect with children is to be creative with them.  Sometimes it would be as simple as coloring a picture or doodling side by side, other times it would be a more elaborate project. Somehow making art created a relaxed atmosphere that allowed us to enjoy each others’ company and perhaps talk a little deeper than we usually did…

‘Making art created a relaxed atmosphere’ for participating families at the Clubs…take a look at the pictures. 

BGCBC families are defined as Single Headed, male or female, Blended, Extended, Foster and Nuclear.  Irrespective of the family dynamics, bonding, sharing and enjoyment of family time occurred.

All families took their art master pieces home at the end the end the event.