Hall Society Social

The Hall Society met on May 16th at Hotwire Communications in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The event was hosted by corporate board member, Carl Lender, EVP of Hotwire Communications, and the Hotwire team. The event was designed to bring together business professionals in Broward County who are looking to give their time and talent to help raise awareness of BGCBC and are also looking to benefit from the professional development and networking opportunities. Hotwire Communications provided tours of the facility, video game play, interactive virtual reality and food and beverages. We were honored to be joined by Fort Lauderdale District 1 Commissioner, Heather Moraitis, who spoke about the positive changes that will be coming to our Neighborhood. We were also joined by several Boys & Girls Club alumni, two of which shared their stories about how the Club has helped them develop into the professionals they are today. Beatrice Bijoux, a local attorney, and Keel Russell, a successful entrepreneur, attribute much of their success to the lessons they learned while they attended their Clubs.

Hall Society group picture

William Edwin Hall was a volunteer leader of the Boys Clubs of America from 1915-1955.  The Wall Street lawyer is responsible for growing the organization from 43 clubs to more than 375 and 350,000 Members when he retired.  He personified the care, do, give spirit and The Hall Society seeks the membership of like-minded rising executives who model his behavior to help our youth in Broward County.

The Hall Society offers Networking, Direct Community Impact, Recognition, Professional Development, and Preparation for Corporate Board. 

If you are interested in joining BGCBC’s Hall Society, please contact Maria Barrera, Director of Digital Marketing at mbarrera@bgcbc.org or 954-537-1010 x124