Rick Case Honda Store Visit – Rick & Rita Case Club

Rick Case Honda in Davie hosted ten (10) teen members from the Rick & Rita Case Boys & Girls Club. The visit began with a tour of the Showroom. The Club members received an opportunity to view the motorcycles and four-wheelers on display in the showroom. After the showroom tour, the members learned the necessary steps in replacing a motorcycle tire. The Rick Case Honda employees also showed members how to change the oil in the motorcycle and why changing the oil is an essential part of owning a bike. The visit ended in the showroom, where the members enjoyed a popcorn buffet, foosball, and a photo shoot on the 4-wheelers on display.

“The most important thing I learned on this trip was how to change the oil. When I own my bike one day, I can save money changing my oil.” –Armand P.

“I didn’t have an interest in bikes before coming on this field trip. This field trip allowed me to see the different career paths I can take after graduating from high school.” –Felisha C.

Rick Case Honda worker and students group picture
Man fixing motor cycle while student observe