Physical Education Assistant

The Physical Education Assistant (PE Assistant) is directly responsible for the planning and conduct of daily Physical Activities as well as assisting with intramural leagues.


Must be able to plan and conduct activities. Must have working knowledge of sports and be capable of officiating athletic contests.


1. Plan and conduct weekly physical activities program that is varied and exciting including games of low organization, relays, team sports, individual sports and contests. Written plans are due every Monday.
2. Assist with the conduct of intramural leagues to the extent determined by your supervisor.
3. Stimulate interest and participation by all members in the Physical Education Program.
4. Help maintain the Physical Education Areas and Equipment.
5. Maintain discipline and adherence to the Boys & Girls Club Rules.
6. Develop a positive atmosphere among the boys and girls toward themselves, others and the Boys & Girls Club.
7. Assist with other Boys & Girls Clubs Activities and Events as assigned.
8. Participate in Staff Meetings and Conferences.
9. Serve as Locker Room Attendant if assigned.


High energy level, comfortable performing multi-faceted projects in conjunction with day-to-day activities. Superior interpersonal abilities. Ability to get along with diverse personalities, at all times displaying tact, maturity, and flexibility. Good reasoning abilities and sound judgment. Physical requirements include sight, hearing, standing, walking, bending, squatting for four plus hours per day. Skills essential for successful communications include speaking and writing.


Pay rate: $15/hr.
Monday-Friday, 25 hours a week, afternoon hours
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