Program Manager

REPORTS TO: Club Director


The primarily function of the Program Manager is to assist with the delivery of the Club's overall services to youth for the positive growth of the individual, by supporting Club Director in implementing all areas relevant to the 3 (three) core program areas of: (1) Academic Success; (2) Good Citizenship and Character; and (3) Healthy Lifestyles.


  1. To develop, plan, execute and supervise a diversified youth development program consistent with the goals and objectives of the organization, as approved by the Club Director and County Director.
  1. Shall assist in planning, coordinating, scheduling, supervising, recruitment and orientation of program staff and volunteer.
  1. To provide leadership to all Club staff for better understanding and needs of the individual member.
  1. Establish and conduct special programs to meet the needs of the Club's members.
  1. Provide counseling and follow-up on individual members as necessary and identify member's individual needs.
  1. Establish a community-based service network which includes school employees, community leaders and other social service agencies to provide needed services to the individual.
  1. To promote and stimulate participation in Club membership, including the promotion and coordination of inter-departmental activities and special events.
  1. Plan, organize and conduct programs utilizing community resources.
  1. To maintain discipline and acceptable behavior of members within the Club.
  1. To maintain accurate records of activities, programs, and members in prescribed manner and meet respective administrative deadlines.
  1. To maintain and operate programs in accordance with the standards of the organization.
  1. To assist in conducting regular staff meetings as well as periodic volunteer meetings.
  1. To assist in evaluating program staff, volunteers, programs and activities.
  1. To recommend requisition of supplies, equipment and maintain a safe environment.
  1. Assist in the supervision of the care, maintenance and cleanliness of equipment, building, grounds and organization’s vehicle (when checked out).


  • Ability to distinguish when time to discipline and time to counsel members (use good judgment.)
  • Good listening skills.
  • Ability to get along and motivate members and staff creating a positive environment for members and staff.
  • Ability to be creative with programs, members, room décor, etc.
  • Ability to work equipment (ex. copier, DVD, computers, security equipment) in building that is used frequently.
  • Skills for planning and initiating activities based on youth developmental needs.
  • Demonstrated communication skills both verbal and written.
  • Ability to supply creative ideas and suggestions for new programs or methods for improving old ones.
  • Maintain grounds.
  • Act as Volunteer Liaison as needed to schedule volunteers throughout the club as appropriate.
  • Manage grants, achieve deliverable and create reports.


In addition to the specific professional job duties, all Program Managers must also possess the ability to:

  • Access facility needs and perform janitorial duties, mopping, cleaning walls, bathrooms, etc.
  • Perform minor maintenance (ex. change light bulbs, ceiling tiles, hanging posters, painting, and sports equipment).
  • Move throughout activity area without disrupting youth traffic flow and activities.
  • Perform CPR and First Aid techniques.
  • Handle a variety of tasks at one time correctly.
  • Recognize and react quickly to problems, challenges and quickly stop undesirable activity (arguing, fighting, horseplay, etc.).
  • Supervise activity either inside or outside the Club.
  • Assist children with homework.
  • Work in any department within Club on an emergency basis, especially the game room at an acceptable performance level to maintain a safe environment.
  • Drive organization vehicles, such as 15 passenger vans, buses, etc.
  • Manage Club Finances to understand and work within department budgets.
  • Communicate in person, on the telephone and in print.
  • Take members on field trips and provide direct supervision of assigned members at places like museums, zoos, waterslide parks, Lion Country Safari, etc.
  • Work in non-air conditioned or heated facilities and provide supervision such as on outdoor playgrounds.
  • Immediately correct safety concerns, (water on floor, equipment not stored correctly, doors left unlocked, etc.)
  • Answer telephone and communicate with caller in a professional and effective manner.
  • Pick up needed supplies from stores and bring to Club when necessary.


  • Bachelor's degree preferred, and preferably, a minimum of three years experience in a full-time position working with children.
  • A current commercial driver's license (CDL) is preferred, and the ability/willingness to obtain in the future.
  • A safe driving record is required and must be maintained.
  • Certificates of First Aid and CPR are required or can obtain in the future.


High energy level required. Program Manager must be comfortable performing multi-faceted projects in conjunction with day-to-day activities; must possess superior interpersonal abilities; and the ability to always get along with diverse personalities displaying tact, maturity, flexibility and professionalism. Good reasoning abilities and sound judgment are also required.

Salary: $42,000 a year plus full benefits: insurance, PTO and much more.