SFP Senior Program Supervisor

Responsible To: Director of Program Development and Club Director

General Function:
SFP Senior Program Supervisor is dedicated to the successful execution of the Family Strengthening Program and oversees the Program Supervisors, Group Leaders and Site Coordinators for concentrated support and skill-building to both child/ren and parent while improving the child’s environment beyond the Club. SFP Senior Program Supervisor is responsible for the overall program management, ensures contract management and compliance, compiles and tabulates all data and refers families as needed to external agencies.

Job Segments:

  • Ensure program fidelity.
  • Supervise and mentors Program Supervisors and Group Leaders.
  • Act on reported cases of confirmed cases of child abuse, neglect, domestic violence or drug abuse within the home that are identified during the program to document the situation.
  • SFP Senior Program Supervisor will determine the agency best suited to address the family’s needs, assist with parent in finding an appropriate agency and provide them with a referral.
    • Refer to outside agencies as needed, including: Women in Distress, 211 Broward, and Nova Southeastern University’s Mental Health Department.
    • Refer cases of domestic violence to Women in Distress
    • Refer cases of substance abuse or family violence to NSU’s Mental Health Clinic
    • Refer cases of other needs to 211 Broward helpline for other types of assistance
  • Collaborate with agencies in order to facilitate parents in obtaining needed services.
  • The SFP Senior Program Supervisor will be available for parents to contact at any time during the Program and will have knowledge of resources throughout the community in order to best direct them.
  • Maintain contact with participants as needed to assist with any concerns that may arise.
  • Stimulate interest and participation of members ages 6 – 11 to participate in this program.
  • Ability to interpret goals and objectives of the Family Strengthening Program
  • Attend and satisfactorily complete mandatory two (2) day training hosted by SFP –certified trainers.
  • Attend yearly mandatory trainings for duration of program including: trauma-informed care, diversity, bullying, Club safety, and Program Management
  • SFP Senior Program Supervisor will retain all incident reports generated by Group Leaders and will report incident to appropriate channel of service.
  • Meet individually Program Supervisors and Group Leaders weekly to stay abreast of program and participating families, discussing reports and attendance date to ensure program fidelity.
  • Purchase all parent incentives and manage payroll for Group Leaders.
  • Conduct site visits to ensure program is being run as proposed; or more frequently as needed.
  • Aid Program Supervisors and Group Leaders in determining how to best help parents with diverse range of needs
  • Maintain availability for parent contact at any time
  • Schedule additional booster sessions as needed
  • Approve use of flex funding requested by Program Supervisors and Group Leaders or Site Coordinator.
  • Ability to address and de-escalate crises as they arise within the immediate environment.
  • Ability to document and coordinate services for program participants (Case Management).
  • Effectively communicate with staff parents, and members.
  • Organize and execute graduation event for the participating families.

Case Manager with a minimum of three years’ experience working with children or families, Bachelor’s degree in related field & Strengthening Families Program (SFP) Group Leader Certification is required. SFP Senior Program Supervisor will be knowledgeable in the area of program delivery and referral sources. Must have and maintain a valid Florida Driver’s License.

Physical and Mental Requirements:

  • High level of energy, endurance and patience is needed.
  • Comfortable working with different personalities in an informal environment.
  • Good reasoning abilities and sound judgment.
  • Ability to model appropriate behaviors at all times.
  • Ability to address and de-escalate crisis.

Effect on End Results:
Help children and families develop the proper internal skills for coping with traumatizing or stressful events and reduce the incidence of domestic violence within families.

Salary: $33/hour