The Dreamers Talent Showcase

On Friday, February 1, the BGCBC Talent Showcase took place at Broward College.  The lights dimmed, and a hush went over the crowd as our Club members waited for the first act to take the stage. The excitement and energy were palpable throughout the showcase as act after act performed.  Throughout the night we were treated to energetic dance performances; a heart-wrenching original rap written by a teen who had lost friends in the violence at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High; the sweet, but powerful, tones of a young teen singing Alicia Keyes’ Superwoman; and a piano performance on a grand piano. The audience was filled with friends and family of the performers, and each act was met with an outpouring of love, appreciation, and support. It was truly a phenomenal night.

What our audience didn’t get to experience was the learning and the experiences that came before the lights went up. They didn’t get to hear the sharp intake of breath and sounds of wonderment as the young performers walked into the beautiful Performing and Cultural Arts Theatre at Broward College’s South Campus. They didn’t get to see the young performers swell with pride as they climbed the steps leading up to the stage and then finally stood center stage and looked out into the empty auditorium. The audience didn’t get to hear the kind words of encouragement and support exchanged in the green room backstage as our young performers waited to go onstage. And they will never know how profoundly life-changing these moments are for our Club members.

Tikia from the Carver Ranches Club
Emma from the Huizenga Club

We are thankful for the time and talents of all of the youth and volunteers who made this event possible. We are also thankful for Broward College and Dr. Marielena DeSanctis, College Provost & Senior VP for Academic Affairs & Student Services at Broward College, for her support and assistance in securing the beautiful Performing and Cultural Arts Theatre Space. We are already looking forward to welcoming new dreamers onto the stage next year!

Amber from the Moran Club