Members get VIP treatment from Hotwire Communications

Hotwire Communications recently hosted a Career Open House for our club members at their corporate headquarters in Fort Lauderdale.  Senior Vice President and BGCBC Board member, Carl Lender, along with his team, scheduled a day filled with tours and sessions that exposed our club members to the many different departments and job opportunities within the Hotwire Corporation and the technology industry as a whole. 

Club members started the day off by getting their “official Hotwire employee badges” and learning about the different types and speeds of internet service that is offered by the industry.  Hotwire employees explained Hotwire’s business model and then gave a lengthy tour and explanation of each department, including the “emergency bunker” where generators and emergency equipment is ready on standby in the event of a hurricane or natural disaster.  Club members spent time in the customer service department, where they got to listen to live calls and how they are handled and the installation team let our club members practice splicing fiber optic cable.  To finish the tour, the HR department presented a clinic on resume writing and interview skills.  Highlights of the day included a virtual reality product demonstration and one on one time with the coding team.

Club members considered it one of the best field trips they have had because it was fun,  informative, and everyone was so welcoming.

Hotwire was impressed with our club members and stated they would like to make this an annual event.