Money Mentors

Club members and chaperones from Blackrock private equity, Wells Fargo and Synovus got a behind the scenes tour of the Miami branch of the Federal Reserve Bank to learn about careers in the financial world.

The trip was sponsored by Blackrock and their Managing Director, Martin Small, and several others flew in from as far away as New York, just for this event. He and other chaperones talked to members about finance careers during the tour and over lunch.

They saw billions of dollars in cash and the various departments including building management, HR, regulations, credit and law enforcement. But the cash room was the highlight. The Fed is a warehouse for banks in South Florida and the Caribbean. They also shred damaged or outdated currency. Some of those shreds were shared with members as parting gifts. It was a first time visit for all of the members and most of the chaperones, who work in the finance world. Members got a double benefit, seeing the fed and interacting with finance professionals. Several expressed a desire to work there – “that’s where the money is”.

Blackroot Presentors
Student participating in Blackroot Career Day