We at Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County (“BGCBC”) are honored that Justice/Judge Hatchett’s family and his former clerks have selected Boys & Girls Club members around the State of Florida as exclusive recipients of the Justice/Judge Joseph W. Hatchett Vaults of Opportunity Scholarship (“VOOS”).  The objectives are aligned with the kids we serve and the bold goals and high expectations we have for them.  Boys & Girls Club members need and deserve the doors to vaults of opportunity being opened for them.

  • BGCBC will establish separate accounting records for the scholarship including documentation of funds received and provide quarterly reporting.
  • BGCBC will disburse funds consistent with the manner outlined in the program description entitled The Justice/Judge Joseph W. Hatchett Vaults of Opportunity Scholarship.
  • The program will be operated in a manner consistent with the BGCBC tax-exempt status.
  • BGCBC will not charge any fees as we are honored to bring this privilege to our members.

The program will be operated in collaboration with other Boys & Girls Clubs around the State of Florida.  Currently, based on the preferences that the family and former clerks have expressed, we are working to establish collaborative relationships with our affiliates in Pinellas and Palm Beach counties for this first year of implementation.  

We look forward to assisting the VOOS Selection Committee to expand the program to other affiliates as the funding and capacity grows.

We feel that the VOOS will not only encourage ninth graders to start planning early but also increase their chances of earning other scholarships by improving their test scores.

To make a financial contribution complete payment information below. 

Thank you for your considerate investment.  Our members need and deserve it.

Judge Joseph Hatchett

“Let’s look at where the vaults of opportunity are and let’s do our job of intentionally opening those vaults of opportunity and taking the door off the hinges.”  Joseph W. Hatchett

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