Workforce Development

Workforse Developement

Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County's (BGCBC) Workforce Development Initiative is designed to promote the development of critical employment skills among our youth through research-informed youth development practice, training and experiential learning opportunities that lead to first job readiness and a plan for pursuing postsecondary and/or career aspirations. BGCBC's Workforce Development Initiative increase teen's employability through career exploration, mentorship, opportunities to earn credentials, soft skills training, technical skills training and career experiences.

Money Matters Logs

A suite of financial education resources and interactive curriculum that helps teens gain useful knowledge and skills on various aspects of financial literacy, including managing a checking account, budgeting, saving, investing, entrepreneurship and paying for college. 

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Mentorship and career exploration program that offers a variety of activities to hone teens' decision-making, problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities — important skills for workplace success. Youth get the chance to explore various careers based on their interests and talents, determine the corresponding educational path they need to pursue, and map out a plan for their future. 

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On-line program that teaches a wide range of employability and soft skills. Members will be tested on the principles covered, including communication skills, workplace etiquette and professionalism, problem-solving skills and time management. Club Members will earn a Customer Service Certificate that can be presented to future employers.